Tuesday, January 23, 2018

William with George and Charlotte

The Duke of Cambridge with his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Soon there will be another baby. This photo is so charming. via


libraryeducator said...

I appreciate so much how you are such a consistent blogger. I appreciate that as many seem to have packed up shop and stopped. I love all your posts and I feel like they are gifts that I receive free-of-charge! But may I say that I miss posts about you - about the cat and the dog, your Mother and your finds at antique shops and the houses in your neighborhood and most of all about your own incedible house and collections! I know of course that the living things I mentioned are now gone and I grieved with you for all that loss - but I must admit that I was so hoping you would home another kitten and dog!! I hope you do not take offense at my brash requests when you already give so much! If I don't look at any blog posts during the day - I always look at yours! Thank you for the joy you bring me daily....but a kitten! ;-)

Linda Sand said...

One thing Diana taught her boys was that they could also be just regular people. I'm happy about that. And I'm glad to see William appears to be teaching that to his own children. Can you imagine Charles in such a pose?

Lisa said...

Ditto to what libraryeducator says. Your blog post at the end of the day is better than a glass of sherry in front of the fire, it is calming and peaceful. Thank you.

The Queen Vee said...

Yep, agree with Lisa and Libraryeducator.

I think William and Catherine have a beautiful family and family life. I'm glad the Queen has allowed them and I think encouraged them to focus on each other and their children as much as they can. The Queen had to give that all up at such a young age, it was a huge sacrifice on her part.