Friday, January 12, 2018

Nice Conversation Area with Fireplace

I like this arrangement. Each wing chair has a reading lamp and an ottoman. Reading around an open fire is one of life's pleasures.The side tables are lower than the arms of the furniture too. This is one of the rules of good interior design and a very hard one to comply with when searching for low antique tables that you like. I am pleased that I finally found mine and it's much easier for the sitter to put down a drink or a cup of coffee on a lower table than reaching up to do so. Plus it looks nicer too. It's all about scale, you know. via

It is warm and rainy today and all the snow has melted. I entered my subscription to Netflix on Sunday and love it. I have watched both seasons of The Crown and later today I will search for another addicting series to watch. 

I just cooked some chick peas in my Instant Pot and have another batch of soy milk yogurt in the pot for a 10 hour session. My last batch (8 hours) wasn't tart enough. I have a new method. I inserted my pyrex 32 oz. (4 cup) measuring cup inside the pot, added 2 tablespoons of my own yogurt to a 32 oz. box of Westsoy as a starter, stirred it up and this method was perfect. No condensation on the sides of the pot to run down and dilute the yogurt and the yogurt was much thicker. Yay.
I stumbled on a very interesting article about the invention of the Instant Pot in the business section of the New York Times. Now I love mine even more! xo


Lisa said...

Regarding thicker yogurt, when I make mine I schedule it to finish just prior to bedtime. Then I take a large strainer and line it with a coffee filter and place it over a bowl. All of the jars of yogurt are poured into the strainer and placed in the fridge overnight. Next morning a lot of the whey has drained away (no pun intended) and I have a nice, thick yogurt. (I think the liquid is called whey, but then I'm no Miss Muffet.)

Kit said...

I just love Netflix. We still have DVD's delivered but I love the option of streaming a show. Do you know what my favorite show to stream is? The Dick Van Dyke show. It still makes me laugh! Have a great weekend! :) Kit

The Queen Vee said...

When I first got Netflix on our TV I watched all the Midsummer Murders episodes from beginning to end. It was a lot of murdering as I think there are over 140 episodes. I enjoyed Stranger Things, it's strange and a bit spooky. I also watched, even though I had seen it over the years, all of Foyles War from beginning to end.

The crown is beautifully produced and acted. I've enjoyed it but recognize one shouldn't believe it is accurate history. If the Queen and Phil watch it I bet they laugh a lot, shake their heads and roll their eyes.

I like the calmness and symmetry of the room you posted. My end tables are probably too high but changing them is the least of my worries but your suggestions about end table height are very good.