Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wendy Watson Illustrations to love

I have never wondered what a fox family looks like but now I know.

They are fond of huge family gatherings with room for everyone around the table.

Father Fox's Pennyrhymes 
by Clyde Watson
Illustrated by Wendy Watson
Author Clyde Watson and her sister Wendy grew up in a 200 year old farmhouse in Putney, Vermont, part of a large family of siblings. "Our household was a very lively and noisy place. There were always about 99 things going on at once. In one corner there might be a child playing with a basket of kittens while another fed a baby goat from a bottle. A pet hen, Hepzibah, strolled in and out of the house as she pleased, occasionally laying an egg on the kitchen floor. There were always people in the kitchen making butter, baking bread or cookies, preparing or cleaning up after a meal. From the shop you might hear hammering and sawing, and there were usually two or three people busy sewing, reading, or drawing. Floating above the din created by all of this activity piano, violin, cello, or flute music could often be heard, for we were all expected to practice our instruments daily." The book is based on The Watson Family's real lives.
Read more about this fascinating family of illustrators here.

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annette said...

Love these illustrations! We had a copy of this book when my daughter was little. I must look through the shelves carefully in hopes of finding it.Thanks, Rosemary!xo