Friday, December 29, 2017

New Roof for My Cottage

My roofers came on Wednesday in the bitter cold but it was their choice. I was skeptical at first but they work the year round so it was fine with me. They almost finished today and are coming back next week to complete the area where the man is working on the other side. I could not be more pleased. The crew was very hardworking and I like that. They came at 8:00 and left at 5:00 for three straight days. They did a first-class job too and I am so pleased. There is one section of my cottage to the left behind the picket fence that does not show the fifth level of my roofline. 
We had a bad wind and rain storm on the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy in November and I had a leak in my roof that penetrated my plaster ceiling in the hallway outside my bedroom. My neighbor is a roofer and his men came over to try to locate the source. They had to come back a second time and told me my roof was in sorry condition due to improper installation. The guys that did it weren't roofers, but carpenters. I decided to replace it and agonized over roof shingles for about a month. I drove to see different jobs, went to new house open houses, watched YouTube videos, and finally made a decision. I am that way about almost everything. I do extensive homework first and am rarely disappointed with the final outcome. I am thrilled with the way my Certainteed, Grand Manor, Colonial Slate roof turned out. Click on the photo to enlarge. I am looking forward to the weekend to undecorate my house. See you tomorrow. xo


Lisa said...

I absolutely adore your cottage and the stone wall! Lucky duck and it looks very cozy indeed. Happy New Year, your blog is what I look for at the end of the day: a little bit of peace.

Betty said...

Your cottage is so beautiful!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Your method of research is correct, in my opinion. People think these details do not matter. They matter so much. The roof is an enormous part of the look of your cottage; and most people's houses.
Details matter so much!

You did a beautiful job of selecting a lovely roof; and selecting a roofing contractor who is not a carpenter!

Bravo....and I hope your many followers will follow your example of selecting a qualified roofer; and also researching the look of different roof materials!

Aesthetics truly matter!
(I was working for a client.....who had selected a roof material.. (without me)..and I happened to ask! "Oh, it's fine" said she! I asked to see it. We went was florescent green! Oh dear God. We switched the roof color......but I could not help this client any more. She knew everything. Disaster. Broke my heart.

Linda said...

So nice to have a solid roof over your head and one well researched - your signature work, Rosemary. Well done.

Over night, a little snow was added to our cold and it is lovely.

Kit said...

Glad you got a new roof. It looks wonderful and hopefully no more leaking. :) Happy New Year! Kit

Gail, northern California said...

Looks fantastic, Rosemary!

The Queen Vee said...

I love your methodology and know that it must be a relief to have this project finished and in such a timely manner...really it sounds like just in time with the high winds that you have had. You've completed so many huge projects the past couple of years on the cottage, all wise and needed choices. It's looking so good and hopefully this new roof will last for all the rest of the years that you reside in the cottage.