Sunday, December 10, 2017

First Snow 2017

It started snowing yesterday (Saturday) about 10:00 in the morning and continued all day and into the night. I think we got around 6 inches. I took this photo this morning just before 8:00 when the sun was just appearing from behind the clouds. The railing has already melted and the temperature is almost above freezing so the melting can begin. I am going to let Mother Nature do as much as she can before I get out my shovel. It's very peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday morning and I'll see you later. xo


Kit said...

So pretty! We had our first snow in October and nothing since. :( I am hoping for some by next weekend. Have a great week! :) Kit

Content in a Cottage said...

Kit -- Having a first snow in October is really early. I imagine there were still leaves on the trees too. My driveway is almost melted and my car is clean so I can venture out tomorrow. We are supposed to get more on Friday and maybe you will too. Hope so.
xo, Rosemary