Saturday, December 2, 2017

Beautiful Christmas Cookie Scene

So pretty. I love this Christmas Scene made of iced cookies and powdered sugar. I have the perfect background board but will I make one of these? Sadly, probably not. via


Pam Jackson said...

Great job. I bought some metal cookie cutters the other day in hopes that I would get around to making some cookies, or maybe start on the ornaments for next yr! haha....Just thinking ahead!

Linda said...

I love your frank admission, Rosemary. You are not alone . . . With admiration, I gaze at lovely ideas posted and in magazines. Yet, have long gotten over not doing "it all."

The Queen Vee said...

Yep, agree with dear friend Linda. My life is full of great ideas and inspiration that never gets off the ground. This is a dreamy gingerbread scene....I'll remember it as I go to sleep on Christmas Eve....I'll let it dance in my head.