Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My New Guardian

My new 9KW Generac Guardian Generator.
This is an old photo when the work just got started and I had not done any outside work myself. I will post photos inside the fence to show you the neatness of my contractors later. Yesterday I took the grill off the top my air conditioning unit and cleaned out all the debris (old rotten leaves) with my shop vac and cleaned the "green stuff" off the fan blades and gave it a true fall cleaning. I never thought I could do this myself but it was very easy and I am so pleased. Now I have to get my day going and vote for a new New Jersey governor and some local officials too. See you later. xo

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Beth said...

Mine ran its self-check this morning! I'm so grateful to have one. (It was a very generous gift from my parents, as they were having one installed, too. They sprung for the 14KW-ers.)