Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Black Otter Rex Bunnies

Have you ever seen a black rabbit? I have not. Have you heard about the King of Rabbits? The  portrait of the two Black Otter Rex Rabbits was found here. They certainly are beautiful, aren't they? I have always heard rabbits make good house pets and their only bad habit is chewing on the electric cords and that always scared me. I guess you have to keep them contained, especially if you are raising them for show competitions. This pen looks soft and cozy.


Sherry said...

beautiful ♥

lisa said...

They certainly are beautiful. I love bunnies, and I once had two; one was a Netherland Dwarf. She looked like a story book bunny - all white with little pink ears and pink eyes. And a mini lop who was all black with dark brown eyes. They were adorable, but they were a lot of work! I think it depends upon the breed, and of course they all have their individual personalities.