Monday, September 25, 2017

Greek Revival Cottage in NC

This charming Greek Revival cottage is located in Warren County, North Carolina. Somehow these cottages keep finding me so I can share them with you!
This image was taken by Watson Brown. You can find him on Instagram at @planterboy


The Queen Vee said...

Every time I see a white cottage I regret I didn't paint ours white. Maybe in the future it will be an option....if I live long enough and have the money to pay someone to do it because it's for sure I won't be painting it myself. I'm now following planterboy on Instagram, thanks for the recommendation.

Constance said...

My Grandmother was from Warren County NC. It is the most amazing area. I would love to live there myself. This little cottage speaks of the beauty and grace of that area in N.C. Thank you for sharing.