Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello, August

August 1939
Good Housekeeping Magazine
I photographed this in a used book shop.
My photo.


Aimee Ross said...

That is amazing. The address is showing and marked the date of receipt. Maybe Chatham, NJ. I love getting little details like this!

The Queen Vee said...

August....I'm so not ready for it. Time seems to be going at super warp speed these days and I often feel like I'm just a viewer rather than a participator. I will travel a bit this month of August, off to Denver this coming week to help my older sister move and then mid-month back to Virginia for a family event. I'm looking forward to both trips even though the first one will be a lot of work.

Content in a Cottage said...

Aimee Rose -- The address label says so much. It indicates the subscriber had a 2 year subscription ending November 1939. This August 1939 issue was received 7/21/39 by a Mrs. H R Underwood, 29 No Hillside Ave
Chatham NJ (long before zip codes) It's also ironic this copy is being offered by The Chatham Bookseller (located in Madison NJ). I can't believe it was saved for so long. Don't you wonder what the inside of the house looked like when the book man arrived to buy? Oh how I would have loved to go along!
xo, Rosemary