Friday, March 3, 2017

Winter is Back, Sort Of

Well, it's not exactly like this but the bird bath water is frozen again. We had the warmest February in the history of weather keeping and I enjoyed it very much. I found so many rogue clumps of snowdrops growing in the woods where I dump my weeds. I dug them all up and transplanted them in my front garden where I can enjoy them when I look out my window and when I leave the house. It's time to get back to normal, without any deep snow. Please! I would love a frosty morning like this one! via

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The Queen Vee said...

So I'm heading to Virginia and Ohio tomorrow to visit daughters, grands and friends. I have limited time and much to do, people to see and now there is a prediction of a big snow storm Mon/Tues....grrrrr. I was so ready for the spring like weather that both of those states have been enjoying and very much ready to have a break from snow. One prediction says, if every thing lines up perfectly, my old stomping grounds could get 18 inches. That will shut Northern VA down for days.

I sure hope you don't get 18" Rosemary, that's a lot to shovel as you well know.