Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bedroom with an Art Wall

So instead of a bedside table, this room has a bedbehind table. It is also interesting to see a free standing bed. It's all pretty wonderful, isn't it? via I spy inside solid shutters and outside louvered shutters too. Bright sun must be a problem here with glare to interfere with reading. I too have a bright sun, glare problem which I intend to deal with next year. I have decided old-fashioned roller shades will be fitted on all my windows if I can find them. Wish me luck. See you later. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. xo


The Queen Vee said...

I'm still contemplating roller shades for the 7 large windows in our kitchen eating area. We've had to put plantation shutters up in our little dining room and library to protect books and art from the sun. It can be quite strong in the summer and would easily fade wood floors, art and furniture. I really didn't want to put them in but they were the best choice to resolve the problem.

Rosemary I really love this bedroom, makes one want to just curl up and read a good book till all hours of the night and then have a good late sleep in the morning.

Rebecca said...

We recently replaced metal blinds with new roller type shades from a major company. They auto retract, are semi transparent, and work wonderfully. Definitely not your old fashioned shades of the past. T
hey work beautifully, look great when in use, even tho a bit pricey they have been worth the investment.