Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sliding Barn Door in A Kitchen

I would like to see the rest of this lart if the room, wouldn't you.

I don't think this sliding door is closed very much. The adjoining room seems to be a butler's pantry. Maybe the door is closed if the kitchen is a mess which is probably never. via


Windmill Farm said...

I want to see more of that kitchen too!!!! Beautiful details, interesting, at first I thought the kitchen was inside that room and that was an office next to kitchen. But then I saw the refrigerator so thought the same as you, it is a butler's pantry. I noticed that pantry has a dish washer in it. We need to see more!!!! Thanks for the tip about the movie, sounds very interesting, appreciate you sharing. Paula-Windmill Farm

jane said...

the window is what intrigued me. I, too, would love to see the rest of the room to see if that window is repeated in other places. I love butler pantries but think they should be more available, not stuck in a corner.