Monday, November 14, 2016

Harry Potter Wisdom

I have never read a Harry Potter book or watched any of the movies but I like this quote. via


Sunny said...

I love both the books and the movies! And that quote.

jusaweecatnap said...

A comforting reminder. My son was the perfect age for HP when it came out in the US, so I read them along with him (after he would stay up all night on the first day of ownership of each, to read them in their entirety). I couldn't help but get swept up in them, though they are rather intense for children's books. Actually, perhaps worth reading again in these dark days to be reminded how to fight whatever dark forces one finds in ones life. Anyway, I think you'd probably enjoy the books, but you could skip the movies.

Well, I don't think you've said much about the current batch of Masterpiece Theatre shows. I watch all three back to back on Sunday night. I'm glad The Durrells is so light-hearted. It is a comfort. Poldark makes me ache for the grinding poverty of the miners' families, and Indian Summers had me covering my eyes last week. I guess we've always used fiction to help us through the rough parts of life.

annette said...

Rosemary,You have a gift for finding meaningful quotes when I most need them. Today the news of Gwen Ifill's death, last week the death of a close friend and the surreal outcome of the Presidential Election have put me in a dark place. Thank you so very much.xo