Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sliding Interior Shutters

Is this a perfect room, or what? Love the comfy chair and ottoman with a little table beside and a reading lamp behind. And the view!!! I can't imagine a better one, can you. Now the icing on the cake is the interior sliding louvered shutters.  Look carefully, the valance going across the top of the window hides the track. Genius! Such a clever way to block the sun when it gets too bright but allow air to get in. LOVE! via
It was very warm today, almost hot. I zipped through the grocery store this afternoon and almost everybody was wearing shorts and flip flops. It's a little cooler now and raining. Some of the trees are completely bare, some are still green with all their leaves, and others have their fall colors and half their leaves. It's still too early for my final gutter cleaning. I want ALL the leaves on the ground first. xo


Mama Pea said...

People do come up with the most ingenious ideas! And the look is perfect.

Your area has been having the most unusual HOT days now and then this fall. Your body's thermostat is going to become very confused.

I admire how organized you are, Rosemary, in prepping for the different seasons. I'm not in your league, but I do love feeling "on top of things."

Anonymous said...

Shutters are an excellent, no-energy way to regulate the heat and cold.
Our shutters are on the outside, and we use them in summer and winter. Air conditioning is rare in the south of France, even though it gets quite hot in summer. And the thick wood, along with the layer of trapped air between the shutters and the windows, is excellent insulation in winter. Our rental apartments in town have interior shutters that fold (and that date to the 1600s--built to last!).

JudyMac said...

Very Matisse-like view! I could certainly get comfy reading in that chair, but I think I would like it turned facing the window. Thereby, I could read a while and then look up and rest my eyes on the blue ocean view. Next might be a nap. :-)