Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Wonderful Library 1902

Now this is an enviable library. It has everything I need except an ottoman. The big table is really nice for doing research, the easy chair looks comfortable, and the big windows let in nice light plus the wonderful view. What else is there. Robert Hall had wonderful books and wonderful taste! Love.

Bookplate, 1902. Robert Hall, an avid collector of Kelmscott Press books.

On the library table are Kelmscott works, including William Morris’s The Glittering Plain and his 1895 translation of Beowulf. All the books are clearly bound in the distinctive Kelmscott full limp vellum tied with silk ribbons. The Wood Beyond the World is open to show a Morris-designed woodcut border and frontispiece. Leaning against the bookcase is a copy of the 1896 edition of Chaucer.

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Kathy Reed said...

Simply lovely...I know my parents would have appreciated this post. Thanks, Pamela,
and happy fall to you and Edward.