Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do you have a telephone landline?

I have a landline that I seldom use. Only a few friends call me on it and I use my cellphone for almost everything because it's always in my pocket or nearby. My phone used to ring off the hook late at night and early in the morning with automated recorded calls made by robots until I found a service to make them go away. For some reason, I switched channels recently to the CBS Morning News. I have been watching MSNBC and CNN news ever since the debates. Right when I switched channels, CBS had a person explaining a service called Nomorobo. It's free and very easy to set up. I have the triple play from Verizon and it worked with that. You have to know or set up your username and password for your cable service. I already had those set up because I control my DVR from their FiOS App on my phone or iPad to schedule my recordings.
Are you still with me? Watch the YouTube Video below. It's the same video that appears on the link.

After you get so far with signing up at "nomorobo" you will have to log on to your FiOS account or whatever cable account you have. You will need to set up "simultaneous ring". It's easy. You have to check a box and put in the phone number the robo service gave you. When any calls come in on your landline, if it is a Robot call, your phone will only ring once and hang up. If your phone rings twice, that means it is a call from a real person. Robot calls emit a special signal that the blocking service can read.

This might sound complicated but it's really pretty simple. It is like the Do Not Call that no longer works and is useless. 

It really works. The link is HERE. Scroll down and see how many trusted business recommend it. It's also FTC approved.

I have friends who set this up for their parents. Now they don't have to rush to the phone to be annoyed by solicitors. They just wait and see if there is a second ring before they head for their landline phone. If you have trouble, ask your children or grandchildren to help you set this up.

You can thank me later. It's free for landlines. It's also available for cell phones but there is a monthly charge so I didn't sign up for that.


The Queen Vee said...

You continually surprise me Rosemary, you are so up do date on technology.

We mostly use our cells but we do have a faux landline. It's a little Verizon box that connects to our landline phone. We pay for it with our Verizon cell account. The calls come through via satellite. It's all amazing to me and totally cheap. When we moved we just kept our VA phone number. We didn't have the phone and box set up for 6 weeks while we were moving. Since we've set it up in our new cottage we don't seem to get any more robo calls. The worst were the political calls; thank goodness they haven't found us yet.

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

CBS is the only civilized news on regular tv

Pam Jackson said...

Interesting. Yes, I still have a landline. I actually had it cut off a few yrs ago but my cell don't always do well in the house. My mother who is 79 now was fussing that she could never get me on my cell, I don't carry it around or upstairs with me when I am home. So since she was doing so much fussing I had another landline put in. Her, my two kids are the only three that call me on. And I have used it a couple times to locate where I set my cell!

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam Jackson -- Haha. I call myself too when I can't find my phone. I tried to have my landline taken out but Verizon said that would make my bill go UP. Go figure.
xo, Rosemary

teaorwine said...

Hi Rosemary,

I turned off the landline years ago during the first Obama election as I received too many robo calls and seriously these were the only calls I received on it. Absolutely no regrets. My family all uses the cell phone to speak to me. With texting and the many other communication tools available these days, I do not see any need for a landline. However, some tell me that they have a home security system tied to their landline making it a necessity. A great feature on the iPhone is that you can block any unwanted callers that may ring you. Young people just laugh when they hear of those who still have a landline as they would never pay for one! One technology replaces another, I say. I save $60 per month now by turning this outdated service off. Just my thoughts and experience with this topic.

best, teaorwine

Gail, northern California said...

I have kept my land line. In live in a heavily forested, rural area prone to power outages. It's a measure of comfort to call the power company and with my land line phone number they know my exact location.

I'm not a techie. Your explanation made my head hurt. But thanks.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

When I moved down here, I sort of thought I would try cutting the cord. Those over fifty years of age are more likely to find this scary, so I left all options open.

I have never looked back ... Seriously

When a storm is approaching I plug in the charger in case ... But I could always go to the car to charge later. I do carry it around the house, but don't think about it anymore. If I should lose it, I would just get a neighbor to call or email/text from my iPad.

I know few people with land lines today ... People like me are giving them up since they only get calls on their cell. I've had so many people tell not to call their home phone, they never answer, never collect messages ...

But I've been blessed with very good reception. Otherwise it might be a necessity.

Karen in VA

RedSkyAtNight said...

I've been following you here (& on iG) for some long time. I usually only write a comment if I have something specific to say (altho' I ❤️ you on iG often 😉), but I Must compliment you for referring NoMoRoBo! I have always pursued privacy & today it is more difficult & more important than ever. Thank you so much!
And, as always, your photographs are amazing 😄

Content in a Cottage said...

Skye -- Don't you love it? It has been such a relief now that my phone doesn't ring off the hook with those annoying calls. I'm glad you were able to figure it out and now have it on your landline too. Isn't it wonderful? I like your photos on IG too.
xo Rosemary