Monday, July 25, 2016

We had a thunder storm 🌩 🌨 🌩

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We had a thunder storm that brought the temperature down 20° from 93° and that's a good thing. 🌩 🌨 🌩
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ladyhawthorne said...

You can send some rain down to Texas. Especially if it will cool things off. We're hitting 103 everyday and the nights don't go below 84. No humidity though. But my tomatoes could really use some rain.

LANA said...

I envy you. Here in Central Florida it is still in the 90's every day.

The Queen Vee said...

I'm still attempting to get settled out here in the west. What I wouldn't give for a cloudy day and rain. We've now been here 41 days and every single day it has been above 90/100 degrees and sunny. I've decided that too much sun makes me's probably the heat actually that is making me grumpy. I left my gardening crocs out on the back stoop, forgot them for a few days and then found that they had shrunk/melted. This has been a hard move in but it is slowly coming together.