Sunday, July 31, 2016

Goodbye July 2016

G O O D B Y E   J U L Y
Where did it go? My Limelight Hydrangea is blooming. It is almost time for me to start putting the house to bed so I can watch some Sunday Nite TV in my bedroom. I am recording 'Dancing on the Edge' and 'The Tunnel' on PBS. On CBS, my DVR is recording 'Brain Dead'. Are you watching any of these programs? Have a good evening. xo


jusaweecatnap said...

I've been following "Dancing." First of all, love the music. Shocked by how violent it has been, and saddened by what happened. Good acting, good attention to costumes and sets, which is always a draw for me. What strange characters though. Can't fathom what motivates some of them. So, the script baffles me, and at times seems to drag a bit. Have been watching Lewis after that (my PBS offering). New characters will never match Morse himself. What I call the "gritty reality" shows don't appeal to me, so I'm skipping "Tunnel." Don't know "Brain Dead" but judging by the title, don't think I'll go for that. Glad we have a bit of "tv worth watching" each week as an antidote to politics.

francetaste said...

What a beautiful bloom! It's so hot and dry here that my hydrangeas (called hortensias in French) are parched and faded.

Peggy said...

Well, I have found that as I have aged (75 now) I can't watch TV shows with much violence. The Tunnel had to go. I gave up R rated movies about ten years ago. Just another result of the aging process.