Monday, June 27, 2016

Dining Room Watercolor

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Interior design dining room watercolor. #roomportrait #watercolor #interiordesign #diningroom #luxuryrealestate #art #ig


Curious said...

I also have my resident rabbits, my own skunk and seven deer. They all like to dine on my perennials which doesn't always make me happy, but since I live in the country I have to share! My critters barely look up when I open the door and shout at them - their attitude is "oh just you again". I miss my dogs who use to keep them out of the yard.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Oh! What a great watercolor of a beautiful room! I am almost sure it was painted by an immensely talented artist who is married to an immensely talented antique dealer (don't you love when that happens?)

Mita somethingorotheritalian Bland....her husband is Gerald Bland.....

what a team! And she is such a wonderful artist! She does more than interiors....but those are kind of her specialty! I met him in his antique gallery this past year.......astonishing couple!!!