Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cottage Views and Flowers

My front yard after a recent mowing, I use my walk behind mower here. The area is too tight for my riding mower and when I try to use it here it blows clippings up against the house.

The back of my property after a mowing just before sundown, Needless to say, I use my Snapper riding mower back here.

A pale pink peony at the home of a friend. Mine are still in the bud stage.

She has lovely ferns too in her shade garden.

Please look at my instagram from time to time. It is so much easier than uploading photos to my blog. I know I have been neglecting it lately but I've been helping my friend of 43 years move from New Jersey. And I was burned out after my closing last Friday. Starting to feel almost normal again, but not quite. See you later xo.


Linda Sand said...

Glad to hear you are starting to feel normal again. I'm slowly cleaning closets again so I think that's a good sign for me.

Cleo from Jersey said...

Your cottage is so beautiful, inside and out. I admire your energy and your "eye"!

Catherine said...

Everything looks so lush and beautiful.

I wanted to share this with you, knowing your interest in England and great houses. It is a wonderful blog too. I think you will enjoy the last two posts.

The Queen Vee said...

Moving does burn you out. I drove to Utah, met the van early in the AM the morning after I arrived. It took all day to unload it. I then worked 18 hour days for 4 and a half days unpacking. Flew back to VA and was worthless for two days. Crazy thing is I get to do the drive AGAIN and then face a whole lot more unpacking and a zillion other things. Moving is not for sissies. Rosemary how wonderful that you have had the time and energy to help a friend. I'm sure by now you are well rested and going non-stop in your usual manner.