Friday, February 5, 2016

Melting Fast

For a brief moment I could see nothing but blue skies from my front door and nothing but gray skies in the back. I opened the balcony door and waited for the first patch of blue. Let the melting begin! The Ground Hog must be exercising his power, after all.


JudyMac said...

Although it seems awfully early, Rosemary, a Mister Bluebird and his Missus have already been checking out the bluebird house on my patio. I'm hoping it is the same pair who raised their brood there last year. No snow here, and I, for one, wouldn't mind a bit of early Spring. As I recall, March was not at all Spring-y last year. Admire your spunk in getting out and about in the snow.

Content in a Cottage said...

JudyMac -- I saw my bluebirds this morning flying in and out of their house. Maybe the Mrs. is doing a little spring cleaning. Glad you have had your regulars back too. They always give me a thrill.
xo, Rosemary