Friday, January 22, 2016

Touched By Snow

I'm voting for this much snow. Just enough to decorate the landscape and then stop. This isn't going to happen though. Be safe and stay inside if you can. Be careful shoveling. Webster has a new bag of food and 3 boxes of biscuits so he's all set. I have nutritious food to keep me satisfied and on track with my food diary. The snow shovels are all lined up so I guess I'm prepared but a little nervous too. Isn't this a fabulous photo? found here


Linda Sand said...

That's the amount of snow we've had so far this winter in the northwest Minneapolis metro area--just enough to decorate the landscape. I'm still stunned by but appreciative of that.

Mama Pea said...

Hoping you make it through this storm without any problems, Rosemary. Be sure to let us all know how you fared as soon as you can. Stay warm, safe and snuggle in!

Jeannine said...

Beautiful photo! I live in the upper Midwest where we won't be experiencing the storm. Stay safe and well.

Karen said...

Rosemary and Webster,
Stay safe and warm. I'll be thinking of all of you in this storm's path.

tammy j said...

you have a gift for finding the most beautiful photos
to share with us. this one is just exquisite.
you and webster sound safe and cozy in the cottage.
don't be shoveling that snow until the sun comes out!
maybe the gold stuff will help it melt a little! be careful dear bean!

Linda Hartman said...

Rosemary, it's reassuring to learn that you are settled in with all that you and Webster will need to safely ride out the storm. Please don't attempt to shovel too much at any given time . . . Fingers crossed the power won't be interrupted - at least not for long. The wind here is picking up but is no where near as strong as the forecast suggests it might become.
Stay safe . . . I will check in on you in the morning.

Anonymous said...

All of us in Canada are more used to the snow and have few snow days to enjoy. It's pretty rare to get to stay home because of snow. Coffee and a book sounds good to me. I live in British Columbia and read your blog often. I have one of my own about life in my beautiful part of the world. I would love for you to have a peak. Stay warm and safe!