Sunday, January 31, 2016

Little Dog in Training to Herd Sheep

Go wherever you want sheep. I'm not trained yet and I don't care. via


Sue said...

Ha-funny timing on this post. I was just talking to a fellow yesterday that breeds these dogs--he was saying he had a litter due and they were already sold out. His are sort of "famous"---in high demand.
I had asked if what they did was instinctive and he said for the most part, it is.
It's really just a matter of "fine-tuning" their natural abilities and teaching them a few hand signals. Amazing dogs. I wish I could afford one of his (though I don't have sheep)---they are such docile and well behaved dogs.

The Queen Vee said... your comment.

tammy j said...

you have NO IDEA how this touched my heart when i saw it.
he looks just like my zeke. except zeke had a black saddle and white chest and paws. like a little tuxedo!
he was a polish lowland sheepdog.
and you know what? he HERDED anything he could! even when around other dogs... he seemed to be herding them. it was hilarious.
not in a bad way. but i could tell! the instinct there in the blood.
he was my beating heart. after he left some years ago... i just thought 'i can't go through this again.'