Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy Sunday

My favorite morning.
We had heavy rain all night.
It's supposed to get up to 60 degrees later.
I'm going to an early afternoon movie with a friend.
The Big Short. I've heard it's very good.
It's the true story of the financial crisis of 2008.
Have you seen it?


JudyMac said...

Haven't seen The Big Short, Rosemary, but highly recommend Spotlight. Very important story, well done on screen.

Gail, northern California said...

No, I haven't seen it but would love to. Maybe it will shed a very bright light on Wall St. executives and, yes, hedge fund managers, who treat mortgages and pension funds like play money.

Lots of good movies of late -- "Suffragette", Brooklyn", "Spotlight" name a few but there are others.

annette said...

Yes,I did and think it is a very important movie as we are thick into election news.I tried reading the book a few years ago and found my mind wandering,but the movie was so well done I was riveted.

Pamela Pack said...

I have never commented on any blog, but had to now. I saw this last week. Enlightening, but depressing also,that greed runs rampant in our world. Everyone should see this movie and then think seriously ...... what am I doing to reduce this. Interesting, that tonight at a restaurant near Tampa, Fl my husband and I talked with a couple that were renting a house in Tampa in 2008. The landlord, a prostitute, had not made her mortgage payments for 9 months! If you have seen this movie you will get this. This couple was evicted! The land lord declared bankruptcy. Greed was not only in the banks and stock companies, but real estate and people desiring more than was reasonable in their situation.

Content in a Cottage said...

Pamela Pack -- I agree. Everyone should see this movie. THE BIG SHORT does such a good job of explaining the biggest financial fraud in our history and brings the outrage of this 2008 crisis to the surface again. Once we really begin to understand what the banks did to us, we can begin to exercise caution before incurring any debt at all ! ! !

Annette mentioned it was also a book. I didn't realize that and don't think I could have ever understood what happened by reading it. I need a visual illustration and the movie was pretty simple to understand but I want to see it again now that I am armed with some of the terminology. It helps to know what a CDO is before seeing the movie.

Your Florida story is shocking, but that's what happened!

Thanks for stopping by the cottage to comment.

xo, Rosemary