Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dog Bed in the Kitchen

Yes. The dog bed next to the island is such a nice touch and proof positive that this is not a trophy kitchen. When I first moved to New Jersey, Sister Parish was a noted interior decorator among the rich and famous and her signature was always putting a dog bed in the living room. That impressed me no end. Complete kitchen renovation with numerous photos including this one here.


karen said...

You can really pick 'em Rosemary. This kitchen is beautiful. Love the glass front frig , painted cabinets and wood elsewhere.

Leslie said...

For those who wish to see more of this marvelous kitchen, they can be found at the blog "For the Love of a House" where Texas-transplant blogger Joan and her husband Dan have done a fabulous job with their beautiful farmhouse in New Hampsire. Joan shares lots and lots of details and photos of their beautiful home, the finishes, the work they've done, their sweet dogs - well worth a visit!

Mama Pea said...

I've had a picture clipped out of a magazine in my "house decorations" file for years. In the kitchen, they made one whole cabinet area as a cozy, comfy nook (dog's bed on the floor) for the dog. The dog would be out of the way of foot traffic and yet able to see all that was going on in the kitchen. Have never had a kitchen big enough to sacrifice a bottom cabinet area for that, but sure love the idea.

for the love of a house said...

hi Rosemary! A reader told me my kitchen was here with an incorrect photo source:) I find the only thing better than the dog bed in the kitchen is when one of the three pups are in it:)
Happy New Year! joan

Penelope Bianchi said...

Hi rosemary!

If I had to choose a favorite decorator......(I am so old; and I have so many! I would have to choose "Sister"!!

She was brilliant beyond! And she loved her dogs; her comfort, and her relaxed, "undecorated" warm interiors!

She had "IT"!!!!!

She did.