Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blue and White Breakfast Room Love

There no words for this charming decor. Every detail is perfect. I'm especially fond of the fabric used on the Roman shade. I'm quite sure I have this identical table cloth and now I want to look for it. The sun is out today and I'm feeling a little better. Thanks for all of your well wishes. xo


Beth said...

Happy you're beginning to feel better! The cold that was going around in Maine a month or so ago was especially nasty. I think it was a "super" cold and that's probably the type that broke through your defenses, but 6 years without a cold is excellent. Hope you're fully recovered soon!

Mama Pea said...

ike the denim chair covers, too. They could be washed and washed and still look good.

Glad to hear you're better instead of worse this morning. Yes, to what a few others have said: Go heavy on the garlic as it's a great immune system booster.

Loris Glassworks said...

I love this look, thanks for sharing! I want to do something like this in our new house, I think the denim chair covers are stylish but also durable for when the grandkids visit.

Lori in Atlanta

annette said...

This room is perfection! Wish I could have tea with you in here. Stay well, Annette

tammy j said...

blue and white is always so refreshing.
the cloth would look lovely in your kitchen with the wood and rustic elegance. my favorite pictures are always 'glimpses' of your darling cottage.
i'm so glad you're feeling better.
still though... rest all you can! rest is the one thing that works the quickest probably. hug webster for me. he's no doubt putting out healing vibes for you too! XO