Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Perfect Kitchen with An AGA Range

All this and an AGA too? WOW, this kitchen has it all. I'm sure there will be a lot of activity there today and tomorrow getting ready for Thanksgiving! I wish my kitchen were this uncluttered but it's not. I have to clear all the junk from my catch-all farm table today so I can do some serious cooking tomorrow. Have a good one! xo


The Queen Vee said...

It's so clean and tidy, makes you wonder if someone really cooks in this kitchen. I love the windows and lantern light fixture over the Island....although I'm not sure one bulb is sufficent for serious lighting. That light must just be for ambience.

I would love to know how an AGA works, I've never seen one in action have you?

Our Thanksgiving will be small and lean this year and I'm actually rather relieved about that.

Sol said...

loving the blog, this kitchen is English, you can tell by the plug sockets on the island