Thursday, November 12, 2015

Oak Leaf with Rain Drops

Photographed on Tuesday morning on my first walk of the day with Webster the Wonder Dog. We haven't been out yet this morning and he's waiting patiently at my feet for his breakfast. It's raining softly again now and is supposed to continue all day. I feel sorry for my neighbors who are putting on a new roof. They got all the new plywood on yesterday so they are buttoned up. Isn't this always what happens? Beautiful weather for weeks at a time until you schedule outside work. I still have to pinch myself about my unbelievable luck two years ago in September 2013 when I had my house painted and woodwork repaired with storybook beautiful weather every day until the job was finished. I think that will result in my paint job lasting for a very long time. 


Claudia Walpole said...

Hello! Just wanted to say that I came across your blog this morning, and poring over it, just had to write to let you know that it's just a gorgeous blog! You have a wonderful eye, and clearly are gifted at photography - love how much time you spend outside! And can't wait to "peek" into your cottage and learn more about your interests. Clearly, you are a kindred spirit. Thanks for the much-needed lift to my spirit this morning!
C Walpole

Content in a Cottage said...

Claudia -- Thank you for your kind words! Kindred spirits are always welcome.
xo, Rosemary