Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beautiful Barn Owl

I've always loved the heart-shaped face of a barn owl. This one looks happy to be inside looking out. via


Mimi said...

Oh Rosemary. He (she?) is just beautiful! Thankyou. That just makes me smile. Love, Mimi xxx

penelopebianchi said...

What a gorgeous owl. Reminds me to get a few more owl boxes! They need all the help they can get!!!

Karen said...

I always love to see pictures of owls and you find some of the best. How do photographers get these shots?

tammy j said...

how absolutely beautiful!
thank you!
i so love this blog. LOLOL! xoxo

annette said...

Another awe-inspiring glimpse of nature.Thank you ,Rosemary.You have a great eye for beauty.