Saturday, October 3, 2015

Almost One Year Ago

This photo of my property is three weeks shy of being one year old. It's a very gray and wet Saturday here at my cottage and Webster is in a food coma after kibble and oatmeal. Thankfully, Joaquin isn't going to be terrible in my area, just rain and wind. I have been very busy with real estate and finally have a strong contract on the old house in town. I'm happy to report it will be loved again after being vacant for over a decade. The house was holding out for a family and it won! Yay. Have a safe weekend and I hope you don't lose power and the storm isn't bad in your area either. See you later. xo


tammy j said...

oh rosemary...
that scene is so beautiful of your back meadow and woods!
and i had to laugh at webster's food coma. i know that feeling sometimes too! LOL.
so glad the hurricane's worst floods are missing you.
i'm glad you let us know. ♥

The Queen Vee said...

Rosemary, So relieved that Joaquin is not causing the havoc that it could have. We have been somewhat housebound for the past few days with rain and cloudy skies. A good excuse to make soup, watch a good movie "Women in Gold" and make lists of "To Dos" for when the rain quits.

So happy to read about the house needing the perfect family. I'm not all suprised that you found the winning combination. Hopefully you'll share photos as the house is restored and loved.

Mary Anne Komar said...

Hope you stay warm and dry!

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Congratulations on your new contract. I heard from several friends that it was bleak and nippy up there today. Perfect for you and Webster to just nest.

We've had torrential rain for days and flooding is approaching epic.

I too am thrilled that Joaquin is passing well off shore.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ... Perhaps you will have some sun.

Karen in VA