Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Bedroom Bookshelves, Decluttered

The lower three shelves on the left side have been pared down considerably. I'm getting a lot of pleasure looking at this new arrangement from my bed which is reflected in the TV screen. Little by little, I'm helping a good cause and they are helping me in return. The annual auction and sale in tents and outdoors at the firehouse is less than two weeks away and I'm getting nervous about missing my chance to donate. Books are first. Wish me luck. xo


Karen said...

I love the pared down look of your bedroom bookshelves and the artistic styling of the previous post. I've been paring down a few things and it does feel good.

Linda Hartman said...

Keep up the good work for an excellent cause, Rosemary. Doing a bit of that myself but wish I had a better outlet for my parings.
Happy weekend to you and Webster.