Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Everything Starts in The Kitchen

A home doesn’t need to be large and modern to have an open plan, as illustrated by this charming cottage where one side of the kitchen flows into a cozy sitting area. 

Kitchens continue to be the hub of the home, and increasingly designers are opening them to other living areas. In renovations and new construction we’re seeing few walls between kitchens, dining areas, and family rooms, so family members may easily interact with each other and entertain at home.
See more "hub" kitchens here in a 29 photo slideshow. I'm still busier than ever, currently organizing my books and cleaning the shelves, a daunting job.


Vintage Girl 901 said...

I'm certainly not a "Susie-Homemaker", but I do love the kitchen I designed in my other home. I miss it since we moved. I look forward to having another kitchen to brighten when I get out of this apartment. For now, I've done the best I could with the dark cabinets. I long for white. Love your kitchens.

Karen said...

This is a spectacular kitchen. I love the white and have always loved smaller homes. A cottage is always so cozy.

Marty Philpot said...

Beautifully simple,,,,,simply beautiful!