Monday, August 17, 2015

Webster Relaxing in My Garden

This is an old photo from June  2013. I had just put down a nice new layer of wood chips after weeding my front garden while the peonies were in full bloom. I have been weeding this area lately and am just about ready to spread some new chips. It's cool and shady there in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon. Webster will supervise as he always does when I take on an outside task. Have a good week. xo


Karen in VA (was CT) said...

What a sweet photo and just lovely peonies ... I love the colors.

We love to see the critters.


Karen in VA

Anonymous said...

I love Webster!

Sue said...

Webster looks downright "elegant" posed there. Your garden is lovely!

Jaybird said...

Webster is a smart fella'!
Posie the cat always watches me from the porch step (she is not allowed past the porch). If I move out of sight one way or the other, I look back to see two ears and an eyeball or two peeping around the corner....straining to keep me in view :^)
Have a good weekend and
be blessed!