Sunday, August 30, 2015

English Tudor Cottage + Floor Plans

With its sloping roof, stone facade and tall windows, this appealing timbered cottage looks as though it belongs in the English countryside. Total living area = 1,695 sq. ft.
The romantic feeling continues in the living room, open to the second floor, with its large raised-hearth fireplace and French doors that lead to a side patio. There are also French doors to the outside in the dining room and first-floor bedroom.
The well-equipped kitchen provides a pass-through counter to the dining room.
The upstairs loft can be closed off as a third bedroom, while the carport can easily be converted to a den, family room or an enclosed garage. Also, with correct site location, the rear of the house is suited to a greenhouse room.
Foundation: slab.
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Thomas Hogglestock said...

This makes me very nostalgic. As a kid I used to sit for hours looking at house floor plan books from the library. Every house looked better than the one I lived in.

Anonymous said...

I am hopeful that people will buy these plans and build houses like this!

Instead of the horrific "McMansions" going up everywhere!

this is a lovely house...with lovely proportions..and lovely exterior beauty!


I hope people will see and build! Think of can buy!! And everything is right! YIKES!!!!

The Queen Vee said...

This is such a very well thought out plan and absolutely charming, I would love to see it in a completed state.