Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vintage Bathroom Mirror

Remember these mirrors? I would dearly love to have one now, wouldn't you? It would be so helpful when I'm cutting my own hair. What! Yes, I do a better job than any salon and I never hate what I've done. via


tammy j said...

LOL! so glad to hear it. i feel the same.
i've been cutting my own hair for the last 37 years!
i love doing it. and it's so inexpensive! LOLOL.
love that sink and mirror. i have to use a hand mirror to do the back.
i wear mine just like judi dench. and i love it. just shower and go!

Jeannine said...

Not sure that my comment went through. I cut my hair myself as well! I recently had it cut by my friend's daughter who is in hairdresser school. I know she's a student, but I did have to fix it and it only confirmed for me that my best bet is to cut my hair myself.