Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Philip Mould's Oxfordshire Garden

Little wonder that the Oxfordshire garden of art dealer, writer and broadcaster Philip Mould, should be so appealing. Mould has had a life-long passion for plants and his 18-acre garden, a combination of wild meadowland and expertly-tended-to formal beds, demonstrates this love of horticulture.

Taken from the June 2013 issue of House & Garden.


JudyMac said...

Lovely! I'm a fan of House & Garden, but must admit the issues I really love to read and look at, and go back to read again and again, are from the 1980's and 1990's. The British issues of Country Living are delightful.
I just saw on our mid-day weather report that your area is under a tornado watch for tonight. Do take care and I hope you, Webster and Tabitha will be safe. The Northeast is just not having a very warm spring and summer, while my area is being bombarded with unusual heat. Keeps me busy filling up the bird baths. :-)

The Queen Vee said...

This garden and cottage are dreamy...I really coudn't handle 18 acres to care for though. I would just want only what I see in this photo, less is more.