Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Delightful Sleeping Porch

I go to sleep every night in the summer with both windows wide open and most of the time there is a faint breeze blowing on my face. So far I haven't had to turn on my A/C this year but I'm sure I will have to break down eventually. I always turn it off at night in favor of open windows. I've never slept on a sleeping porch but this looks like a great one. via


tammy j said...

i am with you on the fresh night air.
only as a last resort do i turn the a/c on.
alas. now we're in high summer here with temps in the upper 90's every day.
at night it doesn't drop low enough. UGH. just have to endure it til autumn! my favorite season.
that porch is my idea of heaven.

Pam Jackson said...

I could nap so well there....or curl up with a book or just my laptop. Put me fan out there and all would be great.

Anonymous said...

ahhh,child hood memories. we had a inclosed back porch with windows on all three sides. every year my dad would take the storm windows down and put the screens up. that meant we could now start sleeping out there.

we didn't have air-conditioning, i don't think i knew anyone that did.

Of course our porch didn't look anything like your picture but it was pure heaven for us. my mom made us down and feather mattresses and put them on a plain single bed frame with crisp white sheets. we lived on the second floor of a two flat in the city of chicago.

we could see over the garage, into the alley and the ravenswood electric train. some would think that would make an awful lot of noise. but i guess it never bothered us.

when i married we bought a house just a couple blocks from my childhood home. it also had a an enclosed back porch, my two daughters loved sleeping out there.

thank you so much for bringing that memory back.