Friday, May 22, 2015

The View from The Bath Tub

Soaking here would be a delight. There's nothing like a nice hot bath in an old tub with a beautiful view from a vintage window. Total privacy overlooking the water is the icing on the cake. I wonder if this is a year-round home or a summer place? Memorial Day weekend is the traditional time for opening up and preparing your summer house for the season. It's all I can do to keep one house in order so I am not jealous one bit. Really! I alternate between having a great outside and a messy inside. Right now my cottage is almost in apple pie order and the outside is calling me. I have to say I am really enjoying spring this year. I think it's because my mower turned over the first time I tried and I never got behind as I usually do, waiting for it to come back from the shop.  Have a safe long weekend and I'll see you later. xo

1 comment:

Sue said...

What a beautiful window with a stunning view......BUT---I STILL couldn't take a bath right in front of a window. Nope!

Have a wonderful LONG weekend