Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Barn Before the Rain

We really need some black storm clouds around my cottage to water the grass. Tomorrow will be two weeks since I cut grass for the first time this year and it hasn't grown very much. Usually you can't keep up with it in the spring but we had a very dry April and May hasn't been much better. We've had a spritz or two but we need several days of soaking rain. The temps we are having this week are 20° hotter than normal to boot. Webster doesn't like hot weather one bit. Tabitha loves it and I am holding up okay. Off to an office meeting this morning. See you later. via


jusaweecatnap said...

What a great photo, with the black clouds and the interesting light. Never seen a barn quite like this one. Also hoping for rain here. Hope we're not in for a hot, dry summer.

Karen said...

That barn looks like a cathedral with the top detailing. Wow.
We're in our 4th year of a punishing drought, it's so sad to watch plants struggling.
Hope you get some rain, we're supposed to get some later this week.