Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wonderful Cottage with A Green Roof

Oh, I love this, don't you? I've never seen a pastel green roof but I love it. It's a perfect topper for this cottage. It has everything: great windows with architectural detailing, window boxes, wisteria, a box-bay window, beautiful landscaping and more. What a great place for an Easter egg hunt. Swoon.


Gail, northern California said...

My dear friend recognized this cottage immediately as being "Tavern at Lark Creek" (formerly "The Lark Creek Inn") in Larkspur (Marin County California). She said it was always one of her favorite restaurants for Sunday brunch or a special occasion dinner. She even attended a lovely wedding reception there years ago.

Unfortunately, there was a fire. The property was sold and we understand it's being renovated now-- with a reopening date scheduled for August, 2015. Fingers crossed that they don't make any radical changes.

Sue said...

When hubby and I go to Iowa for pie (yum!), we pass a farm that has this same pastel green on all the outbuildings. I think it most unusual, but in a pretty way. It looks good on barns---but even better on that wonderful cottage.
Happy Easter, Rosemary.