Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What a Garden!

Do I see train tracks between this farm garden and the beautiful old house? Farming is such a noble profession and I think farmers are born, not made. The love of the land and working the soil has to be in your blood or else it's just back-breaking work.


donna baker said...

Lord, that looks like Monticello. One family couldn't possibly eat that much. It is wondrous,

The Queen Vee said...

I have kitchen garden envy. My grandfather had a garden that looked like this, you're right, good farmers are gifted. This looks like it could be Ohio, Pennsylvania or Europe. Hahaha...yeah one of those places is not like the others.

Sue said...

I spend HOURS in my garden--and it is never work to me. I am so at peace out there, pulling weeds, listening to the birds, alone with my thoughts. It is pure joy.
My dad was the same. My mother-no.

What a glorious garden that is. A bit big for me to handle, but wow!

Windmill Farm said...

It is a wonderful garden, I think it may be mostly flowers growing on right and possibly vegetables on the left? I increased the viewing to 300%-they must of done the same thing I do after I weed, take a picture. Perfect!