Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Destroyers

Ha. I'm so glad Webster can't jump on the furniture any more. This is my worst nightmare and I'm sure they drink from the toilet too. (Smile) Dogs really know how to get comfortable, don't they?


Catherine said...

YIKES! My worst nightmare too.

I trained my cat not to get on my white sofas and my upholstered chairs. No easy feat. It was worth the effort though.

Content in a Cottage said...

Catherine...My cat Tabitha isn't allowed on my two new sofas and she has gotten over even trying. I'm happy I was able to train her so easily. Now she won't even look at them when she walks by.
Free range animals in the house probably aren't any happier than those who know their boundaries. Just more work for their owners.
xo, Rosemary

JudyMac said...

Oh, Rosemary, you do come up with the funniest, neatest pictures!

Catherine said...

Rosemary, I agree.
My cat knows his boundaries and he is very happy.

Karen said...

Can you imagine have 5 labs? They are so darn cute but oh my goodness, the amount of food this pack must require.

Jaybird said...

We have a cat who is pretty careful to follow the rules most of the time, but if one of us decide to sleep on the sofa or in our recliner.....we are fair game!! She not only sleeps ON us, but she is a bed hog and a blanket thief. It always amazes me that she doesn't bother us at all if we are in bed! It seems like a switch goes off in her head if we sleep anywhere else..."aha, I can get away with what ever I want for tonight!" LOL
I love your dog picture and know a family of dogs who would be just like that if they were offered a chance!
Thank you for always having such interesting posts and commentary!