Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring in The Country

Spring in the country. There's nothing better, is there? Nature is unkempt and sometimes I think it's futile trying to taming it. My friend is already fretting about the crabgrass that is coming up in her lawn despite the bags of herbicides she had put down with her new spreader. I actually think she has more than I do and I have never used any chemicals. I think it all looks fine after a mowing if it's green. Weeds are a losing battle. 


Tara Dillard said...

Remember reading a historians remark, NYTimes, years ago, "When women in a society go bad, the society is doomed."

Mother Nature. How is it she now decides to put chemicals on flowers, kill soil, poison groundwater?

How did we get here so casually, the marketing machine has sold women the tame, kill, poison mantra toward Nature?

Your friend isn't alone, churches across USA do the same. Hilarious, G*D almighty first created a garden.

Not judging your friend. So aware of inner thanks that I got off that treadmill of destruction decades ago.

Trying to get pregnant, never have, quit chemicals/fertilizers in my garden. Within a year noticed I had fewer weeds, bugs, fungus. Sold me !!

Garden & Be Well, XO T

Selling my homes. Both had an offer from first shopper, signed contract less than 24 hrs later. Received better offer last nite for one of my homes, and took it. Cannot believe this. Spent days getting rid of stuff, packing stuff and staging them. Closets included ! It paid off. Now, packing in earnest.

Linda Hartman said...

With a mix of both wild and domestic creatures, this is charming and for me captures that time of the year now behind us when winter and spring seem to be volleying for attention and the snow drops prevail through it all.


Penelope Bianchi said...

Oh dear! Herbicides are terrible for the birds, the butterflies and the animals!

Clover in the lawn is a gift for the bees and butterflies! Don't kill it!!! Dandelions also!

Boo hoo!!!

Content in a Cottage said...

Penelope...I love the clover and wild violets in my lawn. I have often wondered who decided broad-leaf plants shouldn't be allowed in a lawn. Clover is especially nice because it grows close to the ground and is beautiful when it blooms.
I don't pick up my grass clippings either. My small gas powered mower is a mulching mower and I use that one in my front lawn. My clippings decompose into a natural fertilizer.
I mowed my entire property yesterday and it looks and smells wonderful this morning.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Tara Dillard -- I was hoping you would comment. I know this is a topic you often blog about while urging everyone to embrace the weeds as you do with your "Tara Turf"
Congratulations on selling your homes. Now the fun begins. Where will you go?
xo, Rosemary

Jaybird said...

Too funny!!! We fertilize twice a year...whatever grows.... gets mowed!! If it has pretty flowers, it becomes garden décor until the flowers pass...then it gets mowed!
I discovered yesterday that some of the pretty new green leaves in my hedge were......a wild grapevine....yikes!!
It got cut off.....sorry!
Have a lovely spring, you folks up there have earned it!
Be blessed,