Friday, April 10, 2015

Foot Massage Points, Illustrated

I thought this vintage reflexology illustration was very interesting. I just finished massaging the toes related to my eyes on both of my feet. My hearing is fine so I skipped those toes. I'm not sure what organs are related to the big toes. Later I'm going to the the inner edge of both feet to help my spine and lower back. 

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JudyMac said...

Rosemary, we have a wonderful spa in my area called Treat Your Feet (no paid advertising here) where you can get a great one-hour massage of your feet, lower legs, neck and shoulders, all without getting undressed (comfy attire, of course, to expose the areas mentioned above). Very restful, quiet atmosphere, and makes your feet definitely feel like dancing. Also great for people who stand on their feet all day at work. I think the proprietors are Asian, and the staff is very skilled.