Sunday, April 19, 2015

Follow The Boxwood Home

Isn't this a lovely approach to greet these lucky homeowners? My back ouches me at the very thought of trimming these mounds twice a year though. I have a lot of winter kill on my three large English boxwood this year for the first time ever but I'm determined to baby them back to health. The American varieties fared much better. Last week, I clipped away at the worst one hoping to stimulate some new spring growth. Fingers crossed. Have a great Sunday. xo


Mama Pea said...

We're taking out the Nine-Bark around our deck this year because they require trimming so much to look good, so I can't imagine keeping those lovely plantings in shape! Plus, as a northern Minnesotan, my first thought on looking at the driveway was, "Obviously, they don't have to worry about a snowplow ruining all those plantings."

Having said all that, what a lovely entrance design!

La Petite Gallery said...

This is so inviting, if I plant bushes I plant the wild looking ones enough work already. This winter broke most of my plants, what a mess. Pulled out my back yesterday, Sunday is last dry day, rain all week. My luck! Have a great Sunday. yvonne

Content in a Cottage said...

La Petite Gallery -- My back has been giving me trouble since a week ago Friday. I've been babying myself but still trying to work. Actually sitting bothers it most of all. Today I think I've turned the corner. It didn't bother my back at all to rake the gravel that got pushed out of the driveway. There was no bending involved. I think you just have to work through it. Lying in bed isn't the answer. Hope yours gets better soon. I've been rubbing oil of Wintergreen on mine and that helps. I'm still not ready for a condo!!!

Content in a Cottage said...

Mama Pea....I though about the snow plow too when I saw this driveway. Anything I plant from now on will be low maintenance and require no trimming at all. Two harsh winters in a row have taught me a lesson.
Take care and happy gardening. xo, Rosemary

Cleo from Jersey said...

I doubt these homeowners are trimming their own boxwoods. On a MUCH smaller scale, I once had boxwoods, similar to those, lining either side of my walkway. Unfortunately, untethered dogs always managed to relieve themselves on them and they quickly developed dead areas that could no longer be revived. But I really loved looking at that driveway with its beautiful sentries.