Monday, April 6, 2015

Confused Chicken

"If they don't mind, neither do I. These children have too many legs but I love them anyway."


annette said...

Too cute! You find the best,Rosemary.Hope Springtime is on its way to you.xo Annette

Lutheranliar, writer of said...

Too cute for words. Mine, anyway!
Thank you so much for finding -- and sharing!
And happy happy Spring.

Anonymous said...

We have "bantam chickens" (miniature); and honestly, those sweet broody chickens would raise rotweilers until a certain size! They get way "puffy: and defend their babies....they cannot nurse however; because they are not mammals! Don't know how long this particular thing lasted!

Karen said...

hilarious. The puppies probably liked the fat mama hen keeping them warm!