Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Promise of March

Spring Teaser via
This glimpse of spring doesn't seem possible as I gaze into the frozen abyss outside my window. We'll just have to hang on until Mother Nature decides it's time for a spring thaw. Enjoy your Sunday. xo


Gail, northern California said...

Good morning, Rosemary. What a lovely watercolor you shared with us, certainly a great way to begin the month of March. Thank you.

Linda Hartman said...

A skim of ice has turned our roads and paths into skating rinks. Here Winter has not relinquished its hold.
Be safe and upright.


Karen said...

I hope spring arrives soon for all of you in the East. This image helps cheer the season on. :-)

Anonymous said...

We have the most adorable "Bewick's wren"; and her mate!

Last year they made a nest in my straw purse! this a straw trunk..... under the coffee table on the loggia! Pics will follow!

and I can take pictures of last years "work of art"!!!?