Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tabitha Enjoying a Cat Nap in the Sun

We have cloudy skies and a light rain this morning but Tabitha chases the sun's rays whenever she can. She's very happy that she can stay outside for longer and longer periods now that winter is on its way out. She has discovered some delicious patches of grass to eat that have been buried under deep snow for months and a little nibble is the perfect way to start her day. (my photo)

Now if she just had this lookout, her life would indeed be perfect. via


Deb said...

Love to see her enjoy a sun-puddle.

JudyMac said...

It's amazing how Chaucer loved to sunbathe under the very strongest rays of sun. My daughter's kitty Caroline used to sleep all afternoon on a shaded porch when the temp was 90 and above. It makes me hot to think about, but they seemed to love it.

Kamyria said...

Cats are amazing.. they know how to soak up the sunspots, don't they? She is gorgeous, beautiful photo. :)

jusaweecatnap said...

Always love the cat photos. Wish I could see the rest of building in #2. Would be fun to see #1 in your watercolor app.

Jaybird said...

Great picture!!! Posie likes to sleep on my piano gets sun most of the afternoon. If I am home and want to play the piano...tough!!!!
Yesterday I cut out new curtains for two rooms and stacked the pieces on my cutting board. This morning, I noticed where the princess had spent the are right......atop my curtain pieces! Ahhhhhh cats!
Have a great Palm Sunday weekend.

Karen said...

Cats really do know how to live. She looks so peaceful. Maybe I can mimic this come the weekend!