Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Screen Doors with Privacy

I drive by an old house with doors like this in the summer. It's close to the road and you can't tell whether or not the front door is open or closed. That's a nice feature for maintaining privacy when you want some fresh air. These doors are especially nice if you have hot sun beating down on your house and no shade. It's snowing again at my house and my weather app says it will continue until midnight and then it will turn to rain. Doesn't that sound dreadful?????? Stay warm and be safe. I'll be in bed with the covers over my head. xo


He Who Loves an Old House said...

My house has shutter doors just like this, with screens on the inside to prevent bugs coming through. You can only tell the door is open when you see lights through the slats at night. It definitely has its pros and cons, bit a lovely idea!


jusaweecatnap said...

Love these doors. Very handsome, indeed. I lived in an old apartment building once with this type of door. I'd open the door in the summer for some cross ventilation, but still had my privacy and a lock on the door. Worked very well. Why do we give up these tried and true solutions? Because I currently don't have air conditioning in my house, I have the front door open all summer. I'd love a door like this in the evening. I always long for privacy in the evening. Maybe I should put one in! Thanks for the inspiration. (A hot summer day sounds so good right now.)